How can America lead again? By electing Tulsi Gabbard as President.

Tulsi serving meals to Federal Employees and Families impacted by the government shutdown in 2019

As an engineer talking about politics, I tend to identify problems that need to be solved, and then thinking about possible solutions. As with any engineering problem the first step is to see how we can adapt an existing technology, and only when no technology is suitable, invent a new one.

This is why I fully understand Tulsi Gabbard’s approach.

Problem: There is outside interference in our voting process.
Tulsi’s solution: Paper ballots that can be audited in case of interference.

Problem: Climate Change.
Tulsi’s solution: Move away from fossil fuels, build sustainable energy sources, stop fossil fuel subsidies, and retrain people from the energy sector.

Problem: Terrorism.
Tulsi’s solution: Stop interventionist wars, and identify existing enemies to craft specific strategies to defeat them. Foster ideological alliances with moderate groups, and cut support of terrorist organizations that align with our regime change plans.

Problem: Automation.
Tulsi’s solution: Rebuild infrastructure, construction jobs are very difficult to automate, they cannot be outsourced, and they grow local economies.

And the list goes on and on.

It is really telling that people from other countries are following Tulsi, and are attracted by the same qualities. When asking a Norwegian how she knew about Tulsi he replied:

“Norwegian and Danish television stations and newspaper bring a fairly good coverage of the american presidential elections. Tulsi has been mentioned several times as one of 20 democrats running for president of USA. But just as in any other horserace the most successful “horses” get most press. Hence I try to draw attention to Tulsi trough social media, because she promotes pure Nordic values: Strength, solidarity, compassion, wisdom, intelligence and love. We have that in Scandinavia and I want that for Americans too. But most important of all, I would like if the USA changed from being the biggest terrorist organisation in the history of planet Earth, and instead become a civilized country and a good partner. I think that’s Tulsi’s mission and I think she can do it.” — Hans Marheim

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Stands with Unite Here Local 5 Workers Fighting for Living Wage

And the list of people outside the US praising Tulsi is long, and the reasons as to why they wanted to express their support telling.

“I am not from USA. But hearing her answers have restored my faith and hope in humanity. Salute to her courage that she is running for most powerful position in the world despite knowing all odds against her. Some hate her for being Hindu and fear she will give rise to ‘Hindu radicals’. But seeing her modesty, simplicity, intelligence and saneness, I am assured she will not let radicals of any kind rise above humanity and USA. All the very best Tulsi ! I would love to see you as POTUS.”- Ajinkya Kulkarni

While those reasons are laudable, one could say: “Well, they are not Americans, what do Americans think?”

And that is precisely where Tulsi Gabbard shines. These values of common sense, integrity, empathy, and willingness to discuss every idea, even if it is not an idea she supports, is what gives her the tools to represent EVERY American and not only those in her political party. She is often listed as a “progressive”, so this is why the quotes below are limited to voters who do not consider themselves progressive. Look at the language and the reasons as to why they would vote for her.

It is not because Tulsi is pandering, it is not because Tulsi changes positions to accommodate the group of people she is talking to. It is because people like authenticity, intelligence, moving away from polarized partisan politics, strong, and kind.

She is smart and authentic. Her service shows the courage she has. As a devout republican, I will be voting for Tulsi Gabbard for many reasons. -Cuda Garage

Anyone who’s against polarized partisan politics has my ear, both my right and my left, because like my ears, the two sides are supposed to work together. -Jeremy Smolik

“I have NEVER agreed with a politician more than I agree with her! I have been a life long Republican or Independent. I find myself actually seeing her as my candidate for president! She might be the first politician I actually financially support! I hope she makes it on the ticket!” -Richard Smith

“Wow, just wow! She’s the best presidential candidate of any party to come along in decades…so strong, kind, and wise beyond her years. I’m a registered independent but will re-register as a Dem to vote for her in the primary.” -Bonnie V

“As a proud Republican, Tulsi is the only Democratic candidate that I would actually vote for in 2020 but the DNC doesn’t care about pulling Republican or Independent votes. They only care about gaining the fringe votes from the far left. Well, Trump will get four more years unless they actually give Tulsi a chance.”
J R Beckett

“Very impressed both times she has appeared… as a full blown centrist thinking both parties have some serious radical extremists on both sides of the aisle, Ms. Gabbard comes across as a breath of sanity” -Rich F

And her record reflects those virtues. Which brings me to the title of this article. Tulsi shows that one can lead by using cooperation, and not domination as the strategy.

Just like open source software has lead to a transformation and encouraged innovation and larger markets than what closed software platforms did. Tulsi’s philosophy of cooperation, and willingness to work with others, make her a beacon of hope, someone who can stand the higher moral ground and lead by example.

Many of us who support Tulsi now, were part of a grassroots movement back in 2016 to select the candidate WE wanted. It took us years to convince her to run, indeed this is not her political aspiration. She is indeed a soldier who does what is asked to do for the protection of all people.

This is how America can lead the world again. Not as the bully that every country fears, but as the country everyone wants to emulate.