It is time to unleash American unity.

“I am tired of fighting with my own compatriots”, “I am tired of being given choices that do not reflect my own”, “I am tired of people speaking but not listening”, “I am tired of following the same rules leading to more of the same”.

If this sounds familiar? If this is how you feel. You are not alone. There are millions just like you.

We are not “just” Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Liberal or Conservative.

We are Americans.

And Unity, that quality often quoted but lately vastly ignored, is in the name of our Country: The United States of America.

Of all the problems we have faced as a nation, we seem to forget from time to time that unity, not division, is what has let our country conquer those problems, and it has let it grow and prosper.

But we are humans after all, and we forget. We forget the veteran who sacrificed his life to give us peace and stability. We forget the teacher who gives up more lucrative careers because of their passion to educate our children. We forget the synergy between worker and entrepreneur, where together create new industries, new markets, new technologies. We forget solutions are not only purview of those who lead us, but a responsibility of all of us.

Yes, we acknowledge that there is “no free lunch”. We acknowledge that personal responsibility is paramount, but not at the cost of fracturing our country. This land, that has managed to become an example of how countries can address internal differences, and thrive from those differences.

I am an engineer. I know most solutions are not found at extremes, one requires an open mind, a willingness to learn, and change one’s mind when new data becomes available. It is my belief that this simple fact, is what has led to the rapid evolution of our technological achievements, and it is my belief that if we apply the same principles to our country there is no problem we cannot solve.

Where does Representative Tulsi Gabbard fit in all this? In that she embodies those same principles: Unity, willingness to listen to different points of view, and an ability to change for the better.

In other words. She embodies and is guided by the most important quality of our nation: Unity.

Our political system has reached a dysfunctional point. Two distinct ways to think about problems, sometimes not even agreeing in what the real problems in our country are. It is impossible to use the strength of our people and our institutions if we do not even recognize this is a problem. One side calls the other side “deplorables”, “libtards”, “racists”, “communists”, which just fractures our society, and makes the real problems harder to solve.

After the 2016 election, it was clear for many of us what the problem was: The structures of power were so entrenched in their own battles for supremacy that it was leaving no room for new, more common sense thinking.

Some people want to solve this problem by starting a third party, collecting all of the people who are unhappy with the way Democrats and Republicans act, but this will not bring more unity, it will bring even more division, and division, is the one sure path for our nation to fail.

Then Tulsi appeared. She questioned President Obama’s response to the Dakota Access Pipeline, she questioned President Obama’s approach to not fully identifying the enemies of the United States, she questioned her party’s ability to select a person who could bring our country together. This has led more traditional democrats to call her “a traitor”, “the reason Hillary lost”, “a Trump supporter”, “a Republican in Democrat’s clothing”.

But now that president Trump has been elected, Tulsi has been equally fair in questioning president Trump’s actions: She has called for stopping arming terrorist cells in Syria, she has called for stopping the US involvement in interventionist wars, and rejected in very clear terms support by groups that aim to divide us.

While some people on the Republican and Democratic side see Tulsi as a loose cannon, She has been demonstrating that it is possible to identify issues that affect our country. That Democrats, and Republicans can make mistakes, but also, that Democrats and Republicans alike can produce good ideas of how to solve our problems.

The video below shows Tulsi explaining how it is possible to make decisions about policy, and not people, because at the end, one should oppose or support policies, not just blindly support or oppose individuals.

So what have many of us been doing since 2016? We have been working.

Something that started as a few people posting in social media how we were tired of other people choosing for us, giving us the illusion of choice, is now a cohesive movement.

We believe leadership is not an appointment, it has to be earned and it has to be granted by the people. All we recognized Tulsi’s potential in bringing Americans together, we saw this when we realized that we had people all over the political spectrum: Progressives, Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians and Independents.

We all had something in common: We recognized the importance of integrity, courage, intelligence, compassion, and common sense, and we all converged in Tulsi by our own accord.

We have prepared. We have learned the strategies of those in power. We have become part of a grassroots movement powered by the people, and for the people. We have volunteers in all states, we have amassed enough information to counteract the attacks of the traditional structures of power. And we are ready to go back to the roots of our country, when the people chose who their leaders needed to be, and not just handed a list of names of people who were selected by others.

Yes, we will use the Democratic party as a way to launch this new way to do politics, because we believe in unity, not further division. If anything, we want to show our fellow Americans, that with the technology at our disposal, we can identify and support candidates that seek unity, who do not wish power for themselves, and who have a track record of listening to the hopes and dreams of ALL AMERICANS.

These are the civil servants that our country needs.

And we are ready to unleash the power of American unity to prove it.

Learn more, and join us!




I believe in the goodness of mankind even when the evidence proves the contrary. Engineer by day, Poet in my dreams, and 100% AMERICAN every waking moment.

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Alan Myron

Alan Myron

I believe in the goodness of mankind even when the evidence proves the contrary. Engineer by day, Poet in my dreams, and 100% AMERICAN every waking moment.

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