She met with Assad. Why? Because he is the president of Syria, and it is necessary to meet with all the people involved to bring peace in the area. This is leadership with objectivity.

She also met with people, leaders of the opposition and victims of the war. See a 3 minute video of her visit to Syria. The cost of war, and the conditions those children need to deal with every single day.

If you cannot feel empathy for those people, if you still think war is inevitable, and the only path is to keep sending weapons to the region, then you have forgotten the American lives lost in the wars of Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Tulsi represents my values. She may be the representative of Hawaii, but I pick her as my representative.

My representative was putting herself in danger to learn what the people of Syria know and want. She will use this knowledge to promote changes in Washington, and she will try her hardest to pass a bill to stop supporting rebel groups in Syria.

This is not because she is a warmonger, it is not because she sides with tyrannies, it is not because she is just looking for the next photo op.

It is because she truly cares, she truly wants to make this a better world. It takes courage, integrity and intelligence.

Three qualities lost in our government, but not in most Americans.

Let us get our country back!

Join me in supporting her, and join the group: Run Tulsi Run. Together we can.




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