The Courage of Tulsi Gabbard

Alan Myron
3 min readApr 25, 2019


Today Joe got into the race. He just inspired me to max out my contributions for Tulsi.

I support Tulsi Gabbard in mind, body and spirit.

We all can contribute in different ways. I am blessed I can donate my time, my skills and my money, all I want is to inspire others to share their blessings with such a brave politician.

Many of the people I talk to, and people I respect ask me: If Tulsi is so great, how come the campaign of disinformation is so strong against her?

The answer is simple: Follow the money. Who will benefit from silencing Tulsi?

Insurance industry: They will lose a cash cow if we move to a single payer system. No longer will they be able insure the healthy and let the government insure the elderly and sick. This is how we will have cost savings and provide healthcare to every American.

Military Industrial Complex: With a foreign policy that focuses in diplomacy and not regime change, we can invest those trillions of dollars at home, funding our infrastructure, providing education and healthcare, while keeping America and Americans safe. Using non-military means to combat IDEOLOGICALLY those who want to harm us.

Political Establishment: With election reform, by getting rid of private money in elections, and securing our election systems, we remove politicians for profit. We will be able to get closer to a Republic as our founding fathers intended, and not the oligarchy we currently live in.

Big Oil: We no longer bend our necks to Saudi Arabia, we will move to renewable energy helping us to grow our economy by building a green infrastructure and creating local jobs that cannot be shipped overseas. We will help out environment, and give a better planet to our children.

Big Pharma: No longer they will be able to set prices at their will. We will let the government negotiate as any other insurance company for lower prices and buy in bulk the life saving drugs that our people need.

Big Agro: No longer they will have subsidies and free reign in farming practices that increase climate change, and destroy our environment. They will need to invest in new technologies that are good for the economy AND the planet.

This is why the attacks against Tulsi are relentless. No other politician is taking on ALL the major special interests at the same time.

Her Off Fossil Fuels Act is a wonderful piece of legislation. Tractable, effective, and meeting the objective of saving our planet while growing our economy.

For some it may appear a political suicide, or a lack of understanding of our political and economic climate.

But Tulsi is FULLY aware of these challenges. She is a soldier and has identified ALL the major threats to our future. For me, it a clear demonstration of her courage and integrity. She embodies the American values I swore to protect when I became an American citizen: Courage, Intelligence, Freedom, Justice, Dedication, Empathy, and Love for my fellow citizens.

Those of us who support Tulsi, are not naive. We know what we are against. We thought we were alone. but Tulsi has brought us together. And that alone, fills me with joy and hope. To quote one of my favorite songs:

“This is my quest
To follow that star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far
To fight for the right
Without question or pause
To be willing to march into hell
For that heavenly cause”




Alan Myron

I believe in the goodness of mankind even when the evidence proves the contrary. Engineer by day, Poet in my dreams, and 100% AMERICAN every waking moment.