The Smear Sisters

Alan Myron
5 min readSep 10, 2019


Emma Vigeland and Anna Kasparian colorized.



damage the reputation of (someone) by false accusations; slander.

“someone was trying to smear her by faking letters”

synonyms: sully, tarnish, besmirch, blacken, drag through the mud/mire, stain, taint, damage, defame, discredit, defile, vilify, malign, slander, libel, stigmatize, calumniate, what Anna Kasparian and Emma Vigeland do for a living.

For my own sanity and well being, I had chosen to completely ignore TYT. They have become among the worst sources of information: Sloppy reporting, pushing a very distinct agenda in detriment of progressive ideals, and with zero integrity.

However, their latest video accusing Tulsi of opportunistic is something that I cannot leave alone.

Let us rewind a little. To have an idea of the crossover appeal Tulsi has, and how she is perceived by conservative Americans, one only needs to watch the comment section of Tucker Carlson videos, read conservative publications, and watch this little exchange of Dave Rubin with Glenn Beck

Dave Rubin and Glenn Beck discussing Tulsi Gabbard

Three days later Tulsi appears in The Rubin report for a 1 hour long interview. I only have watched short clips of David Rubin when interviewing Marianne Williamson, and he sounds like a regular conservative/libertarian host.

Tulsi Gabbard in The Rubin Report

I watched the video, and thought Tulsi did a fantastic job explaining her positions, she did not pander to his audience, and instead she presented the same consistent message she has been delivering all around the country during her campaign.

And then, Anna Kasparian and Emma Vigeland had to jump in.

I really didn’t want to give any views to their video, but so many people were complaining about it, that I had to watch it.

TYT smearing Tulsi and putting words in her mouth.

And surprise, It was as terrible as I was told. Here are just a few highlights:

1:29 Rubin: “Those words have been associate with the Right, not with DEMOCRATS”
2:00 Anna: The way he frames the question is: “PROGRESSIVES” don’t love America

Since when DEMOCRATS is synonym of PROGRESSIVES? since they took corporate money and became corporate democrats through and through?

2:12 Anna: “Remember, she has positioned herself as a progressive candidate”.

No Anna, Tulsi is very clear and has said in MULTIPLE outlets she doesn’t fit in a single label. She has described herself as democrat-libertarian-progressive-green.

She does however support policies embraced by the progressive wing like: College for All, Higher Minimum Wage, Reinstating Glass-Steagall, Medicare for All, Moving us away from Fossil Fuels, and her foreign policy is to the left of practically all other candidates, INCLUDING Bernie.

2:21 Anna: You look at her voting record…[talking about Tulsi no being progressive]

Are you buying the score story? The one saying Pelosi is more progressive than Tulsi, and Kamala more progressive than Bernie?

Let us compare actual votes with important legislation. Who is more “progressive”?

2:26 Anna: [Tulsi] Might talk the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk.

Is your hatred for Tulsi so blinding?

a) She was vice-chair of the DNC, and resigned in protest of the way the DNC was treating Bernie, and to endorse him to prevent conflict of interests.

b) She could have skipped being deployed to Iraq during the worst of the conflict because she was an elected official, but she resigned and asked to be deployed with her unit.

c) She could change her message depending on who she talks to, but EVERY SINGLE TIME, no matter who is interviewing her, her answers remain the same and consistent, bridging the gap between left and right through integrity, which the Right respects. You should talk to Kyle Kulinski so he can explain to you how important is to bring leftists ideas to a conservative audience.

d) She has criticized both parties when they deserve it, like Obama’s mishandling of the middle east interventions, to Trump’s foreign policy mistakes (Arms deal with Saudi Arabia, Intervention in Venezuela, Escalation in Iran, Pulling away the Iran deal and the INF treaty).

e) She protested in congress and on site during the DAPL construction. When the army was going to remove the protesters she went to serve a human shield along several Iraq-war veterans.

f) She was one of the first politicians to stop taking PAC money, and be fully supported only by individual donations. A pledge she will carry through the primary and the general.

The list goes on and on.

TYT’s attempt to paint Tulsi as an opportunist when they support WARren, who is the most opportunistic politician of our time, is simply pathetic.

Unlike TYT, I will list the reason as to why I consider WARren an opportunist

a) She used her fake native american heritage to get ahead in college.

b) Despite claiming having a native american heritage she remained silent about the DAPL protectors until the easement was denied. Then she spoke when it was safe and convenient.

c) She didn’t endorse Bernie when she could have helped him win the democratic nomination in 2016, and instead wanted to be Hillary’s VP.

d) She took PAC money in her senate race, transferred those funds to the presidential campaign, and claims she is not taking PAC money, and has openly admitted she will take PAC money during the general election.

How on Earth can TYT be so disingenuous?

3:10 Anna: [Goes on a rant on how it is patriotic to criticize the country]

Anna and Emma are clearly women who have gained too much power in a short amount of time, and have no idea how leadership works. Tulsi’s solider’s focus allows her to be patriotic and speak for the love of country, while at the same time, working to make our country a more perfect union.

Tulsi doesn’t “question America” because America is all of us. She however, pushes against: Big Pharma (Negotiate drug prices), The Oil industry (Off Fossil Fuels Act), The finance Industry (Restore Glass-Steagall), The private prison system (Ending private prisons, and ending the federal prohibition of marijuana), Big Agro (End subsidies and invest in alternatives like restorative farming), Stop special interests to benefit at the cost of the blood and tears of the majority of Americans (Modifying the tax cut to make it fair and preventing big corporations to skip paying taxes), Promote recognition of the impact of slavery in our african-american population (One of the few candidates supporting reparations legislation).

This is the difference between the smear sisters and Tulsi. Their whole existence is about complaining about how things are, and were. Tulsi on the other hand is about not complaining but fixing those problems, through intelligence, leadership and integrity.



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