Tulsi Gabbard: Separating smears from reality.

If you are researching Tulsi for the first time, and you have found many “issues” you don’t agree with. It is likely you are listening to the voices of the mainstream media. First of all, thank you for taking the time to listen to someone who has been spending time since 2016 to get Tulsi to run and get elected. Second, I hope you consider the information presented below to understand how those smears originated, and how they do not represent who Tulsi really is.

Anti-LGQBT stance: She was raised and home-schooled in a very conservative household, the group she belong to was led by her dad. Yes, she was very active against LGQBT groups back in the 90s, but she has explained how after her deployment to Iraq she changed her mind. She realized that the government has NO say in the personal lives of people and since she became a member of the US congress, she has been working ACTIVELY in pro-LGBTQ legislation. She not only has apologized for the hardship she caused, but her record shows she is serious about it.

Her defense of torture: In a 2015 interview when the CIA report about use of torture came out, she said she was conflicted about the report. She has been asked to clarify her stance about it and she has. The CIA report was new, when the interview happened, but her stance is clear. After she reviewed the report, she voted (back in 2015) for H.R. 1735, including the amendment to the 2016 NDAA, codifying President Obama’s executive order banning enhanced interrogation/torture methods. This ban solidified our commitment to United States law and international agreements.

Her “Islamophobia”: Tulsi is accused of this because she wanted president Obama to describe ISIS by what they are: “An extreme Muslim terrorist organization” Why? because it is important to define who the enemy is. She has been one of the strongest voices in defending religious freedom, in all its forms. She has been invited as the keynote speaker at Muslim conferences,

Tulsi Gabbard as Keynote speaker at Muslims for Peace conference.

and mosques.

Tulsi Gabbard speaking at a Mosque in Chicago during her 2020 campaign

Her “support” of totalitarian regimes: She has met with Modi in her capacity of a member of the Foreign Affairs committee, and she has met with members of the Indian opposition party as well. Here is an Indian guy giving a pretty good objective analysis about Modi’s government.

Debunking hindu nationalist smears

As for Assad, Tulsi has been calling Assad a brutal dictator, and all she has been calling for is that we follow international and US law before we cause harm to other countries. Hardly an “Assad toadie” as the NY Times columnist would like you to think.

Tulsi explaining why the US should not bomb Syria.

My point is: War is big money, and Tulsi is fighting for peace. She supported Sanders after being a DNC insider, and the DNC is out to destroy her out of pettiness. The GOP fears her because her veteran status and common sense policies appeal to a large chunk of their base.

This is why she is being attacked from all sides. But this is why many of us spend our time defending her. Because she has earned our support, and I am convinced that once you dig a little deeper, she will earn your support too.

I believe the reason her moral compass is impressive is because of her experience in Iraq. She used to read a sign at the entrance of their base: “Is today the day?”

Many of us would never understand how war changes you when every day can be literally the last day of your life. This is how Tulsi lives her life, she has expressed how happy she is when she feels she is making a difference, and she wants to be sure to live every day as if it was her last day.

This is why she is fearless, and uncompromising in her goals to achieve peace, heal the environment, and provide safety and security to all Americans. Once you understand her life’s philosophy, all her actions fall into place.

Luckily, more and more people who research Tulsi, and look at her record in detail quickly learn that she is not the typical politician that will say anything to get elected, below are just some of the videos that show how Tulsi’s record transcends religion, race, political beliefs, and nationality. Please learn about her, and join us to save the soul of America.

Hard Lens Media Coverage of Tulsi Gabbard.
Jimmy Dore defends Tulsi Gabbard from smears
Kim Iversen defends Tulsi’s smear about how she is supported by “russians”
Rob Brown explains who Tulsi is the best candidate for the people.
Niko House defends Tulsi’s MSNBC appearance.
Tom Barry explains how Tulsi and Bernie reinforce each other.
Ali Mirza encourages others to listen to Tulsi’s message of Peace and Prosperity
Joe Rogan interview with Tulsi Gabbard.
Sargon of Akkad (Conservative commentator) is puzzled as to why Democrats do not support Tulsi.
TransTella (Conservative Trans) speak in favor of Tulsi Gabbard
Tom Loungo (Libertarian) speaks in favor of Tulsi Gabbard
Secular Talk praises Tulsi’s anti-war efforts.
The Humanist Report praises Tulsi’s anti-war policies.
Cultural Alan (Conservative commentator) explaining why the DNC pushes for other candidates
Harriet (Mainstream democrat) finds she likes Tulsi
British Libertarian David Icke views on Tulsi Gabbard
British leftist Gordon Dimmack views on Tulsi Gabbard




I believe in the goodness of mankind even when the evidence proves the contrary. Engineer by day, Poet in my dreams, and 100% AMERICAN every waking moment.

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Alan Myron

Alan Myron

I believe in the goodness of mankind even when the evidence proves the contrary. Engineer by day, Poet in my dreams, and 100% AMERICAN every waking moment.

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