Back in 2016, I realized that only a real grassroot’s campaign with the right candidate could stop the corruption in our government.

I invested time, effort and resources to promote Tulsi Gabbard. But it was clear that I underestimated the power of the media and the lack of name recognition. It is not only enough to have the right candidate, it needs to a be a person who understand the media and has the experience to defeat the establishment.

Governor Jesse Ventura is planning to run as the Green party candidate. Many of you would wonder why now? Is he serious? What are the chances for him to win?

Dario Hunter and Howie Hawkins are aiming to get the green party to get beyond the 5% of the vote to strengthen the Green party and make it a viable national party.

Just like the Democrats coalesced around Joe Biden, if the Green party is serious about winning elections should try to find a way to draft Jesse Ventura to lead their presidential ticket.

Jesse Ventura’s campaign is not driven by ego, it is driven by a small army of volunteers from across the political spectrum. Just like Tulsi’s campaign brought people together, many of us are finding people from other campaigns: Sanders, Tulsi, Andrew Yang, republicans and libertarians coordinating to get Jesse to run.

We are putting aside our differences, and we are trying to convince the green party candidates that if they indeed care for the planet and our country, they should borrow a page from the democrats and rally together with the best candidate they can put forth.

It is obvious the disinformation campaign against Jesse has started. Do your homework, and use this article as resource.

  1. Public Servant: Jesse has served in the Armed forces, as Mayor and as Governor. He has the patriotism and the executive experience to lead our country.

We need to get our country back.

Only together: Left, right and center, we can win.

Join us! let us save our country TOGETHER!

Learn more about Jesse Ventura’s record
Put an end to the duopoly

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